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Stepping stones are not only functional elements in your garden, they also give your outdoor area an appealing look and additional safety. At trittplatten.de, we offer you a careful selection of polygonal stepping stones made of broken stones.

Gartenweg gestaltet mit Clara Quarzit Trittplatten

Our specialty: Polygonal stepping stones and stepping stones for your garden.

Grauwacke Trittplatten Beispiel

Durable and weather-resistant natural stone stepping stones

Our stepping stones are durable and weather-resistant, making them ideal for use in the garden, as a pathway, on patios, and around the pool. We understand that quality and aesthetics are crucial when it comes to selecting stepping stones, which is why we have carefully curated our range to ensure that you receive the best polygonal stepping stones made of natural stone.


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What makes our stepping stones special?

  1. Durability: Our stepping stones are polygonal natural stone slabs that come directly from the quarry. Therefore, they withstand the elements and will bring you joy for many decades.
  2. Diversity: We offer stepping stones directly from nature. Made of Grauwacke, Quarzit, and Schiefer. Each stone is unique in shape, structure, and surface.
  3. Easy Installation: Installing our stepping stones is uncomplicated and does not require elaborate preparations. Even loose installation on your lawn is an option.
  4. Aesthetics: Our stepping stones made of quarry stone contribute to beautifying your outdoor area and create a pleasant natural atmosphere.
  5. Affordable: We offer competitive prices without compromising on quality. Those who look closely will notice that we deliver the stepping stones free of charge within Germany from 10 pieces with our own shipping service. But even the shipping of a single slab is free of charge for you!

We are your specialist for high-quality stepping stones made of natural stone

In our carefully curated range, you will find an exclusive selection of seven polygonal stepping stones that add a special touch to any outdoor area. Whether for garden paths, patios, or as stylish accents in your landscaping - our stepping stones are the perfect choice for sophisticated projects.

Grauwacke Trittplatte im Sonnenlicht auf der Wiese

Of course. Beautiful. Robust.

Our polygonal stepping stones are characterized by their unique natural beauty and robustness. Made from premium broken stone, they not only offer exceptional durability but also an unparalleled appearance.

Each stepping stone is a unique piece, with individual shapes and color nuances that will make your garden path or terrace a real highlight.

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Trittplatte Negra Schiefer

Quality & Satisfaction

At trittplatten.de, we place great emphasis on quality and customer satisfaction. That's why we specialize in seven selected natural stones that stand out for their versatility and aesthetic appeal. From the natural warmth of Grauwacke to the elegant robustness and the modern charm of Negra black slate slabs - our stepping stones adapt to any style and environment.

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Locker verlegter Gartenpfad mit Trittplatten im Garten

Laying of stepping stones

Laying our stepping stones is incredibly easy and can be done by hobby gardeners without any problems. Whether you prefer a closely connected path or a loosely designed walkway, both can be realized with our polygonal stepping stones.

Furthermore, they are extremely easy to maintain and weather-resistant, so you will enjoy your new garden path for a long time.

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