Collection: Stronger step plates

Welcome to our new category "Stronger Stepping Stones" at! Here you will find a carefully selected collection of polygonal stepping stones made of robust broken stone with an increased plate thickness of 4-6 cm. These solid stepping stones are ideal for areas that require high load capacity and durability without compromising on aesthetic beauty.

Benefits of our stronger tread plates

  • Higher Load Capacity - With a plate thickness of 4-6 cm, our stepping stones offer outstanding stability and durability.
  • Aesthetic Variety - Our selection includes beautiful natural stones that enhance the visual appeal of your garden or terrace.
  • Non-Slip Surface - The rough surfaces of our broken stones provide a secure grip, even when wet.
  • Versatile Applications - Ideal for walkways, patios, high-traffic areas, and decorative accents in your garden.

Sandstone stepping stones (4-6 cm)

Our Grauwacke stepping stones offer a perfect combination of natural beauty and extremely high load-bearing capacity. The earthy gray and brown tones harmoniously blend into any garden landscape and ensure a stable and safe walkway. With a thickness of 4-6 cm, these stepping stones are particularly suitable for heavily frequented walkways and terraces.

Quartzite Deep Sea stepping stones (4-6 cm)

The Quarzit Deep Sea stepping stones are characterized by their impressive dark anthracite colors interspersed with light quartz veins. These stepping stones are not only visually stunning but also extremely durable and weather-resistant. Their thickness of 4-6 cm makes them ideal for garden paths that are heavily used, adding a luxurious touch to your outdoor area.

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