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Professional impregnation for natural stones with color enhancement

Professional impregnation for natural stones with color enhancement

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375 ml Protective agent for natural stones with color-enhancing effect

  • Solvent-free and environmentally friendly
  • Protects natural stones and enhances their original color tone
  • Penetrates deep into the material, reducing dirt absorption

Our professional impregnation has extremely low VOC emissions and is environmentally friendly water-based. Due to this water base, it is ideal for treating surfaces with moisture residues. The application can therefore be done just a few days after the initial cleaning, allowing for a quick treatment. It does not yellow, is UV-resistant, and does not form a surface film. In addition, the treated surfaces are suitable for contact with food. This product meets the requirements of the "French VOC Regulation" and is classified as A+.


Do not dilute. This stain protection product is ready to use.


Tested for contact with food and therefore suitable for tables and countertops.


Product with low VOC emissions that guarantees high indoor air quality.

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Wir lieben polygonale Trittplatten, die Natur und schöne Gärten. Beratung bei der richtigen Steinauswahl und der Verlegeart.

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